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Plan Your House Landscaping Budget

May 17

When you decide on the landscaping budget for your homeowners association, it is important to consider the needs of your residents. Strong HOAs will help preserve their property values by creating a safe, well-organized, and pleasant community for residents. Roswell HOA budgets should include landscaping supplies and tree service.

An average HOA spends between $45,000 and $100,000 annually on landscaping projects. Landscape costs will rise proportionally to the time that a professional spends on your property.

When creating a budget for landscaping, it is important to create a list of steps. Budgeting is an expensive and time-consuming task that requires careful planning. It also requires lots of communication. These are the four steps to help you prepare your HOA budget.

Plan Ahead

You should allow yourself sufficient time to plan your budget, and to create a schedule with to-dos as well as goals.

Talk to Board Members

Consider the opinions of other board members when making budget decisions. Discuss the needs and expectations of your community.

Assess HOA Governance Documents, Open Projects, and HOA History

You should review all current and up-to-date governing documents regarding the HOA's annual Budget. You should also review any unfinished projects which could cause budget fluctuations throughout the year. To determine what tasks may need to be rethought, you can also look at past HOA budgets.

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Create a custom budget

When setting a budget for landscaping, it is important to consider the green space within your community. This will help the board determine the area they will budget. There are several important points to keep in mind when creating a budget. Each HOA is different and needs a unique approach to provide value for homeowners and potential homeowners. When creating a budget for landscaping, all board members must communicate in HOA.

Common Areas of Community

Determine the amount of "Green Space” available in the HOA

What Attracts Homeowners to Your Neighborhood

Consider adding flowers, mulch, or new trees to your community

Plan ahead to install benches, gazebos and other amenities in new areas.

Plan ahead to create a playground area

Attention to the Seasons

Service: What It Can Do

Trees play an important part in landscaping. 1st Tree Service offers excellent curb appeal and is a haven for wildlife and residents. For a community to thrive, it is essential that tree service professionals be available. Tree planting can add value to your community, and help create a peaceful environment. Beautiful communities can only be built with trees.

According to Tree Service Roswell, "The best time to plant trees is between November and March." Budgeting for increases in tree landscaping costs between November-March would be a smart idea.

It is also important to take care of the trees in your community. Tree limbs and dead tree must be "fixed". It is time-consuming and costly, but it is well worth it. HOAs should consider these safety risks when budgeting. Roswell tree service companies are available to evaluate the situation and remove dying or dying trees and branches. This will improve curb appeal as well as protect property and people.

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